From long sleeve polos  to polo shirts for sports, here are some tips for avoiding ill-fitting polos of all types.


 When worn correctly, a polo shirt is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing a man can wear. 

An improperly fitting polo shirt, on the other hand, can ruin an entire outfit.  Here are some tips for avoiding ill-fitting polos of all types.  An easy way to achieve a smart yet laid-back look.

The buttons should end no further than the top of your armpits, always leaving the top 1-2 buttons undone & ending just below your belt.

Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

Make sure it's not oversized - the longer sleeves combined with a baggy midsection will make you look much larger than you are.

Long Sleeve Polos

You want one that is made of a synthetic blend & avoid those constructed from thicker materials.

Polo Shirts For Sports

Never wear an undershirt with a polo Wear them slim & fitted, but not too tight Size them to your height Don’t pop your collar Avoid really big logos The shoulder seam should sit on your shoulder bone Don’t wear it too long Don’t unbutton all the buttons

Polo Shirt Wearing Do's & Dont's

It’s time to build out your polo shirt wardrobe with a variety of fabrics & styles.

You're A Polo Expert!